Multihull Sailing Week 2005

Fethiye 2005

von Miki & Terry

Hello Guys

Just a few words to say many thanks for the superb event that you organised. Terry and I really enjoyed ourselves. We were very impressed at the organisation that you both did not just racing but with the food and restaurants. Also that of Hansee and his charming crew who I believe worked very hard to add keen professionalism to the event.

Having never entered a race before we didn’t know quite what to expect and were a little nervous especially with the starts and just hoped to keep out of everybody’s way. Iv’e been sailing for many years now and it was fun to try something new. I learnt a few things sailing at close quarters to other multihulls, something that never normally happens and it’s always nice to have new experiences. Although sadly at one point we did actually manage to sail backwards for about 100 meters………. Even though we were the only “foreign” team we soon met and enjoyed the company of all the competitors. We wish you all the success in the future with this event which will no doubt blossom rapidly.

Please send me the race report and I will forward to various multihull websites.
Hope to see you next year.

Miki & Terry

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