3. Juli - Proa Meeting in Polen

Für Freunde der schlanken und schnellen Auslegerboote. Egal ob traditionell oder modern (kein Bootsmarkt).
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3. Juli - Proa Meeting in Polen

Beitrag von multihuller » Do 1. Jul 2010, 18:23

Leider habe ich diese Info zu spät erfahren, aber falls es jemand noch kurzfristig schafft, wäre es sicher eine interessante Angelegenheit:

Hi Othmar

You are more then welcome and other proanauts from Germany as well.

Meeting starts on Saturday 3rd July at the WOPR marina in Labusz village near Koszalin, at Jamno Lake.
(WOPR is Polish rescue service)
There is camping place and car park there for very resonable price.

On Saturday we are gathering there and set up our proas then start trials and comparisons.
On Sunday there will be more comparisons, discussions, friendly racing across Jamno to Mielno and/or Uniescie.
We will try the pass through to the Baltic Sea for seaworthines trials.
Meantime at 11: will be official part with officials from Koszalin, probably with assistance of TV and other massmedia.

On Monday some vessels, depending on weather forecast will start a week long Raid Proa along coasts of the Baltic, heading probably East.

All evenet has no sponsoring, no special organisational committee.
We simply come to meet.

Hope you can join even with such short notice.