Neues und Aktuelles Mai 2006

Preview: Grand Pavois at La Rochelle

200 new 2007 boats will be presented at this year's 34th edition of the Grand Pavois, at La Rochelle, 20-25 September. Two entire pontoons will be dedicated to cruising catamarans and trimarans. Thirty of them including rare ships are already booked for what is considered by the professionals as the world's biggest cruising multihulls show. The 74-foot Privilège 745 (Alliaura Marine), the last Mahé 36 (Fountaine-Pajot) and the 46-foot Krisalyd 42 (Auriga Yacht Ltd.) that will participate in the next "Route du Rhum". Many other 2007 cruising and long distance boats will be shown for the first time in September, as the Ovni 365 (Alubat SA.) for instance.

Bruno Peryron auf Rekordjagd

Kaum hat Yves Parlier die neue Rekormarke für die schnellsten 24 Stunden mit Crew gesetzt, steht schon Bruno Peyron in den Startlöchern. Er will mit dem Orange-Sailing-Team den schon fas "uralten" Rekord von Steve Fossett eliminieren, der im Oktober 2001 den Atlantik in 4 Zagen und 17 Stunden überquerte. Nachdem sie eine Woche in New York verbracht hatten, steht die ORANGE II jetzt bei Newport für die letzten Vorbereitungen bereit. Dann kann es jederzeit losgehen, wenn die Wetterfrösche das Startsignal geben.

GROUPAMA wins London-Alps Maritime Race

Nice, France: Franck Cammas and his crew of five are first to bring their trimaran across the finishing line of the London-Alps Maritimes yacht race finishing at 14h 12' 04'' Monday, after 6 days 21 hours and 3 minutes and 4 seconds. This marks the first ocean race victory for Groupama 2 since she was launched in June 2004.

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Groupama 2 appeared in the Baie des Anges this afternoon in a 8-12 knot ESE breeze, taking a little less than 7 days to cover the 2075 miles from London to Nice at an average speed of 12.67 knots. This race time emphasises the diversity of the weather conditions from the Thames, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Light air and moderate breezes alternated throughout, the crews sometimes being slowed to a halt and at other times accelerating. The main feature of this first ocean race marking the opening of the new Multi Cup Café Ambassador Championship has been the permanent duel between Groupama 2 and Banque Populaire IV who have remained within ten or so miles of each other since the start in London. Banque Populaire finished just a half an hour after Groupama 2.

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Michel Desjoyeaux and his crew sailed Géant into Nice at 16h 42' this afternoon to take third place in the Londres-Alpes Maritimes yacht race. The trimaran came close to worrying the two leaders at one point on the home stretch along the coast of Spain this weekend.

At press time Gitana 12 was still racing, with 4.60 nm to finish. Antoine Koch and the crew of Sopra Group are still in the Alboran Sea. The weather is still not playing into his hand. Chaotic sea in a 15-20 knots easterly blow. Not much fun for the red trimaran. Sopra will have to tack her way up to the Balearic Islands. 600 miles behind the leaders, Sopra Group is not expected into Nice before Wednesday evening, or even Thursday

18HT Aquastarcup in Morges

Nach Spiez findet jetzt die zweite Regatta des 18HT Aquastarcups statt.
13. - 14. 05. 18HT Lac Leman Open / Morges / Schweiz
Erwartet werden wieder an die 20 internationalen 18HT Teams auf Ihren modernen Katamaranen Nach diesen zwei Schweizer Regatten, finden weitere Regatten in Deutschland und Italien statt.
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Tony Bullimore ready for one more veteran rally

He is 67 years old, a lifelong smoker, a former market trader and door-to-door salesman and a man who famously survived for five days alone in the upturned hull of his yacht in the Southern Ocean, and now he wants to take on the toughest challenge of them all.

Tony Bullimore plans to set sail this summer to try to beat Dame Ellen MacArthur's solo round-the-world record of 71 days, 14 hours and 18 minutes that she set on her 75ft trimaran, B & Q, last February.

He will set sail from Hobart, in Tasmania, late next month or early in July at the wheel of his 102ft catamaran, Team Daedalus, and he has no time for those who say he is too old.

There is no doubt that Bullimore's boat could in theory break MacArthur's time. The former and much-modified ENZA New Zealand that held the fully crewed round-the-world record in 1995 is longer than MacArthur's trimaran and has a bigger rig. This means it could go faster in certain conditions, but it is also much heavier and older than MacArthur's state-of-the-art speedster, so there will be performance penalties in lighter winds and getting close to the record will be exceptionally tough.

Bullimore, who was named yachtsman of the year in 1985, has already sailed the boat twice round the world with a crew and is making modifications to enable him to sail it on his own. Whatever he says, the huge catamaran is going to be a handful and there is no doubt he could die trying to "monster" it around the Southern Ocean at his age.

Bullimore's course, starting and finishing in Hobart and sailing north in the Atlantic as far as the Azores, is very different from MacArthur's more conventional route, which started and finished at the line between Ushant and the Lizard, in Cornwall. However, his proposal falls within the rules of the world governing body for sailing records and has already been approved.

Quelle:Ed Gorman, Times of London

Cafe Ambassador Multi Cup

There are only hours to go before the start of the London-Alpes Maritimes race, the opening event of the Cafe Ambassador Multi Cup [for the ORMA multihulls]. And as Sylvain Mondon from Météo France explains below, the weather conditions look set to be very variable on the first part of the route.
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Internationales Cat-Weekend Thunersee 2006 (Schweiz)

Die 18HT Klasse lebt!
An der ersten 18HT Regatta 2006 waren bereits 19 internationale Teams am start, darunter mit SUI 2 und GER 1 auch zwei neue Eagle 18HT aus Deutschland

Am Wochenende fand am Thunersee beim Yachtclub Spiez. Das internationales Cat-Weekend Thunersee 2006 (TBSV-Cup + 18HT Aquastar Cup) statt. Über 60 internationale Katamaran Teams aus 5 verschiedenen Nationen waren am Start. Zum zweiten Mal war auch die neue 18HT Klassenvereinigung mit 19 Teams dabei und eröffneten die 18HT Aquastar- Regatta Serie. Bei gutem Wind konnten 5 Läufe gesegelt werden. Es siegten Rusterholz/Brügger bei den Tornados, Andrew Landenberger AUS knapp vor Thomas Schweizer YCB bei den A-Cats, Joline und Michiel Fehr bei den Darts und André Reymond/Peter Rüeggsegger bei den 18HT, womit sie auch die offene Wertung des TBSV gewannen.

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