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The Proa

The outrigger boat from past to present
The legendary boats of the South Seas in all their aspects, then and now

The first reports by European explorers about these wonder boats in the South Seas were so unbelievable that they were actually not believed by contemporaries in the western world. The boats with which the islanders conquered the vastness of the South Seas achieved sailing performances that the sailors of the old world could only dream of.
But for a long time, knowledge of this special art of boat building remained limited to the South Seas. Although the first experiments at the end of the 19th century demonstrated its capabilities, it took another 100 years before the Proa, was "rediscovered".
Today, catamarans and trimarans no longer cause the sensation they did fifty years ago. However, if one of these rare outrigger boats appears in the harbor or marina, it is sure to attract the undivided attention of the public. This is particularly true of large Proas, which have a living area and are therefore suitable for longer trips. This book explains why the Proa has received so little attention in the West and the great potential of this boat shape. It explains the basics of this type of boat and shows the results that can be achieved by combining the boat building skills of the South Sea Islanders with modern technologies.
The book impresses with its large number of extraordinary pictures, the very detailed descriptions of the boat building technique, numerous experiences with self-build projects and exciting stories of trips made with these boats.